Soft Cult Studio

Thanks for checking out the page. We’re really excited and eager to get this project up and moving! Bare with us while we get this website going…

-Mariel, Katie, Dave, Jaxon, Mickey, and Matt

Soft Cult Studio is a collectively-run group of audio engineers that is working to open a new music recording studio in the Twin Cities. Rather than starting a traditional for-profit business, our aim is to create a shared community resource that will make professional quality recordings accessible to as many musicians as possible. We believe recording your music should be empowering, fun, fulfilling, and affordable, and we will create a space that honors those values. 

Once the studio itself is up and running, membership in the collective will evolve over time. We hope to include members that represent a wide range of musical backgrounds as well as a wide range of past experience with engineering, both experts and beginners. The studio space will be shared equally among all active members, giving us all a chance to use these tools to learn, work, and create. 

The collective will also serve as an educational resource for those who want to learn more about the technical side of audio engineering. This will take multiple forms: collaboration between active members, internships for those interested in learning this trade, classes and workshops for the public, and more. Our goal is to democratize this knowledge, promoting inclusivity for people of all skill levels to thrive in a creative environment. 

While music production and engineering will be our main focus, we are currently exploring other ways to use the space. Let’s collaborate together! Many musicians we have worked with over the years also create art using other mediums, such as painting, photography, sculpture, drawing, videography and more. We would love the opportunity to support them by using our resources to help showcase this work.

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